About os

About os


TN Værktøjsslibning is a manufacturing Company within the engineering industry;  dealing in supply  of  Special Tools in solid carbide (80% of our turn over)  a standard range of End mills and regrinding of tools!  In our Workshop we have 20 CNC Grinding Machines and our temperate Measuring- and Quality Control Room is equipped with two ZOLLER, one WERTH  Measuring Machines and one GOM Optical Scanning System.

In addition, the CNC-controlled production equipment is constantly being enlarged and upgraded, We have always in  stock Raw Carbide Materials from D1-D50 x 330 and D40 . D50 D60 . D 70mm as preformed

At TN Tools all production; manufacturing and coating; are placed under the same roof.

This include the coating of tools. Coating- technology is developing rapidly; the tool life is highly depending on the correct coating! That is why we are providing coating from our own coating-centres.

As a company with 30 years of experience; our staff  have the know-how needed to advice you,  whenever it is within coating or  any milling- or drilling application! Due to a dynamic organisation, TN Værktøjsslibning has been able to adapt to its tasks and generate the best results in the form of ideal solutions, as well as ensure fast production and a time of delivery for 7 – 9 working days.

TN Værktøjsslibning is certified to ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 and exports roughly 60% of its products all over the world.


TN Værtøjsslibning  idea is to manufacture and regrind cutting tools for the metal industry.
We offer only the highest quality using only the best quality of the raw material (Solid/Tungsten Carbide).

Our business areas:

Manufacture of cutting Solid Carbide tools to customer specifications.
Re-grinding and re-coating of cutting tools at a fixed price - both Solid Carbide and HSS.
Development and manufacturing our own standard range within Solid Carbide tools.


-TN Værtøjsslibning  is a reliable supplier of Solid Carbide tools of the highest quality.
-Fast and accurate delivery of tools.
-Customized order management system with complete history, making it easy and fast to order and
-reorder tool and to track each tool.
-Updated and always at the forefront both in tool design, coating, modern technology and machinery.
-TN Værtøjsslibning  is a dynamic organization with good working environment / climate.

All under one roof 

At TN Værktøjsslibning all production is placed under the same roof.
This prevents extra delivery time, tools from disappearing or being replaced.
And we can trace any tool throughout the entire production.

We are providing coating from our own two coating-centres. Delivery time will be 2 working days Coating- technology is developing rapidly; the tool life is highly depending on having the correct coating, let TN Værktøjsslibning assist you with advice and guidance in this area.

Our policies 

-To be an attractive and reliable partner aiming to fulfil all agreements as well as customers’ proposals from point of order till delivery

-That our customers’ will always ascertain to our high-quality products and standards that always meets their expectations. 

-Our management based system cooperates with the process between management, employees and external contractors in respective of the environment and reduction in energy consumption.

-We take environmental issues into consideration when purchasing machinery and infrastructure, such considerations are defined within our technical and economical capabilities. 

-We periodically evaluate and redefine our action plans as to minimise the impact it may cause to the environment, and thereby preventing excess usage of energy and resources.

-Investments aiming at energy savings will be implemented, as we strive to fulfil all laws and regulations regarding the company’s activity.

-We periodically evaluate the management system as to ensure effectiveness and improvements.

-We ensure effective use of resources in relation to the company’s activities.

-We will focus on reducing energy consumption per production, as to contribute to the reduce usage of limited  recourses, as well as prevent CO2 emission in relation with our activities.

-We inform and encourage our employees to be aware of such energy reduction policies within the company

-That the efficiency of our policies and scoop of supply are periodically evaluated.

-That our current policies always are present on our webpage

ISO certification 

As part of making us even better, we have respectively been ISO9001 and 14001 certified.
It is also a request/requirement from our clients .
In May 2011, we were ISO9001 certified by Bureau Veritas
This has meant some changes in the production processes. But This make benefits for everyone.
In April 2013 we were ISO14001 certified by Bureau Veritas
As part of its environmental policy, we are in April 2013 also ISO14001 certified.


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